Integrity & privacy policy

If you have followed my work, you know that integrity is essential to me, which I have created various artworks about. This page lists how I use the information that I collect from you when you visit my website when you contact me, opt-in for my newsletters or if you are photographed by me on a photo-shoot. 

The information I collect from you is never sold to another party. The information will also never be transferred to any third party. There might be other companies that store data from you when you visit my site, for example, Google or MailChimp. 

Even if the GDPR laws might seem tedious, they are here to protect you, and this page is here to state how I use your information and what rights you have.

Privacy Policy

GDPR – The Data Protection Regulation applies as a law in all EU member states from May 25, 2018, and replaces the Personal Data Act (PUL). The Data Protection Regulation contains rules on how to process personal data.

The information the Artist stores

Andreas Varro (Artist) is responsible for the information collected and stored when a Person:

Have been photographed during a photo-shoot for an artwork (Person is identifiable in images or film)

  • Have been photographed or filmed in a behind the scenes image/clip
  • Signed a model release or contract on a photo-shoot
  • Accepted a consent for the collection of personal data on the Artists website (
  • Visited the Artists website (
  • Signed up to receive the Artists newsletter on the Artist’s website or through other sources like external sign-up forms
  • Contacted the Artist in any way (E-mail, contact-form, telephone, or letter)
  • Visited the Artists online store and; viewed products, added products to the cart, created an account, phurchased a product.
  • Made a written comment on the website ( or in the blog.

This information may include the Persons name, signature, e-mail address, postal address, telephone number, social security number, IP address, and more – depending on how the Person contacted the Artist or what information the Person provided to the Artist.

How the information is stored

The Artist uses both internal (locally stored) and external (externally stored) servers to store images, recipient lists for e-mail and invoice information in customer registers, IP addresses, job applications, internship applications, other e-mail correspondence, and requests.

The purpose of storage

All information stored on secure servers and locked computers so that the Artist can:

  • Communicate with the Person and build a relationship to the Perso
  • Receive and accept orders, returns, and more, from the Person
  • Send newsletters to the Person
  • Send promotional material to the Person
  • Publish an image of the Person in the Artists promotional material, both online and in printed form, to be able to promote himself
  • To be able to create new products both digital and printed
  • Have a backup of images on the external server if the internal storage becomes corrupt or disappears
  • Send invoice or quotation via e-mail or traditional mail to the Person
  • Contact the Person via e-mail or phone to answer a question 
  • Improve his website, so that the Person can find what he or she are looking for on the website more conveniently, but also create content that the Person finds appealing
  • Improve his advertisments and website experience
  • Find other new customers like the Person
  • Modify, correct or delete the information
  • Being able to track what artwork is bought by a certain customer, an storing copies of Certificate of Authenticity that belongs to a certain artwork that the Person phurchased. 

Upon request, the Person has the right to access the personal data stored about him or her. If the data are incorrect, incomplete, or misleading, the Person has the right to request that the information be corrected or deleted. This request must send the written form to the Artist.

Legal basis for the storage

The legal basis for the processing of the Persons personal data is; The agreement the Artist and the Person entered into before, during, or after the Person gave his or her consent to store his or her personal data. 

If the Person has given explicit consent to the Artists, he or she agrees to this policy, and the Artist may store the information collected from the Person. The photographer saves personal data for the time being.

Exceptions to freedom of expression and information

The General Data Protection Regulation does not apply when someone processes personal data in connection with the exercise of their freedom of expression or information. According to the regulation, exceptions to freedom of expression and information are to be made in Swedish national law. In Sweden, this means, among other things, that personal data processing covered by the constitutional protection in the Freedom of Expression Regulation and the Statement of Freedom of Expression is exempted if the application of the regulation would conflict with the constitutionals. In addition, the processing of personal data that is done for journalistic purposes or for academic, artistic, or literary creation should be exempted from most of the provisions of the Data Protection Regulation. Such an exemption was previously found in the Personal Data Act and exists today through the legislation that complements the regulation at the national level.

How to change or delete the information

If the Person wants more information, change his or her information or report that he or she do not want the Artist to store information about him or her as above, please contact the Artist by e-mail at The Artist might charge a small fee for this information, which covers administrative costs.


The Artists collect information about how the Person interacts with the website. All visitors are analyzed as a group, and his or her IP address is anonymous. The Artist uses various tools to gain insight into the number of visitors to the website have, where the Person as a visitor comes from, and how he or she navigates on the website. The Artist does this to improve the Persons experience on the website. When the Person leaves the website, he or she is no longer tracked.

Customized ads and content

In order for the Person to receive relevant ads from the Artist, the Person allows Google’s advertising tool to retrieve information from his or her browser. Examples of this may be geography, whether he or she has previously visited the site and whether it is appropriate for him or her to show this ad to the Person or not. Google also measures whether the Person sees these ads or not. However, also if or when he or she clicks on the ads. We use advertising tools that meet GDPR and its requirements. 

The Person can always clear cookies in his or her browser.

Contact forms and other forms on this website

The Person, as a visitor, has the option to register his or her information to download different types of information, sign up for newsletters, book meetings, buy products, and make other requests. This is registered in our system.

This privacy policy is a living document, and the content may be updated.

The policy is last updated on: 2020-04-13