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Customers & references

What people say about working with me

What people say about working with me

Working with Andreas is like going to a 3-star luxury restaurant in Guide Michelin. One feels safe and taken care of.He has also managed to deliver the feeling and initial thought that we wanted to convey in the image in the first attempt. There is only one word WORLD CLASS!

Roger Hjälm – Owner of Katrinelund Gästgiveri och Sjökrog

Varro engages and asks constructive questions to understand what the customer wants to achieve and convey with the image.He has the ability to transform thoughts into reality with magic finesse and make permanent impressions with the viewer.

Torbjörn Nilsson – Owner and CEO Sebbot Invest AB

I hired Andreas to photograph the Precors CL Fitness website. I cannot say Andreas surprised me, I have expectations that he is one of the best, and he delivered as he always does.I like his creative hight where he gives a fantastic input for the images we create for our customers. It will be fun keep working together with him. I highly recommend Andreas!

Kennet Båth – Ägare av Wonderville Advertising Agency

We hired Andreas to shoot images for our new website. All we can say is that we were pleasantly surprised.A result far above our expectations. The entire process from booking to finished product went completely “painless”. Now we look forward to more fun collaborations.

Andreas – continue on this path. You are the best.

Hasse Lindberg – Owner of LP Truck Wash

Andreas Varro is a very skilled photographer who has both creative and technical aspects.As an Art Director owning an Advertising Agency, I am pleased with our fine cooperation and I would definitely recommend It’s Varro to anyone who wants quality and style.

Joakim Norman – Partner and Art Director at Repeat Studio Advertising Agency

I hired Varro to take advertising images for us to use on our website and in marketing materials and I’m very pleased with the result.

The work continued quickly and smoothly, and the final product was just as we hoped.

Mikael Törnqvist – Business Controller at Aditro Logistics AB

We are very pleased with It’s Varro!The reason is simple: It’s Varro is professional and full of ideas that they can concrete and realize!

The result made us all happy and impressed!

Niklas Söderlind – Owner and CEO at HeatSeak

I was a pleasure to look for Andreas Varro´s images. Really high standard work in any part of the globe. Andreas shown a huge capacity of creating modern concepts that are really close to the viewers. It was a mix between illustrative and commercial work where everything looked well planned.

The expressions and poses of the models in the images where natural and really worked out. Apart of the ideas behind the images, the small details called my attention with almost no errors in the manipulations. The finishing was outstanding too.

André Boto – International photography judge (Swedish Championships)

Andreas is extremely professional in everything he does – from the start of the creative process to executing photoshoots and coming up with the final material.

His photos and image production is not only of high quaity, he balances the way he meets the consumer and his own creativity which always results in a unique product. 

We’ve used Andreas for Örebro Black Knights promotion photography and his work has always been greatly appreciated.

Jimmy Palmborg – Marketing Director at football team Black Knights

We have hired It’s Varro on numerous occasions and been equally pleased every time.Andreas is a photographer with great responsiveness, strong commitment, imagination and amazing photo skills.A difficult combination!

Tina Löfström – Alerigo Music Production

On two trips we made together to Tajikistan and Jordan, he demonstrated his skill in capturing the events and personalities of the picture – in the moment.

In our efforts to lift these photos in an exhibition Andreas did a huge job creator.Andreas ways to put their own stamp on the images have helped us in our work to raise our profile.

Do you want to work with a warm-hearted and extremely skilled photographer, I recommend Andreas!

Monica Jomfjäll – Event coordinator Operation Mercy

Arbesko collaborates with Varro and we use the images for marketing, for interior decoration, as well as product images.Varro has managed to capture the feeling we want to convey about our brand, and helped us create a uniform expression that feels right, both in terms of external and internal communication.

Maria Jonsson – Marketing Director Arbesko

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