Andreas Varro wins bronze in the World Champonships (WPC)

The Swedish photographer Andreas Varro has won bronze in hard international competition in the World Photographic Cup photo competition – “World Championships for professional photographers”. Andreas got the price for image “Shortcut”  in the “Best Commercial Image” category. The winners were presented on Sunday at a ceremony in Sydney, Australia.

Andreas participated in the competition with two pictures: In addition to the Commercial category, he also competed in the Illustration / Digital Art class with the image “Forever Online”, which was named one of the top ten pictures in that category (of a total of 87 contributions).

Andreas was part of the Swedish national team and also received the Nation Award award, as the photographer from Sweden who scored the highest number of points in the competition.

Sweden participates in the competition for the second year and ranked in a very honorable fourth place, of 30 participating countries.

World Photographic Cup is one of the world’s largest photo contests for professional photographers. It is organized annually by the organizations ‘The Federation of European Photographers’ (FEP), ‘Professional Photographers of America’ (PPA), United Asian Professional Photography (UAPP) and the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP).

The competition is designed as a World Cup, where national teams from 30 countries around the world participate in six different categories: Commercial, Digital Illustration, Nature, Portrait, Reportage / Photojournalism, and Wedding. The jury consists of an international committee with eight members from the various organizations.

The gold medal of this year’s World Photographic Cup went to the Finnish photographer Onni Wilijam Kinnunen. Ben Shirk from the USA won silver and Swedish Andreas Varro got bronze.

Andreas won in 2017 the award Image of the Year at the Swedish Championships in Portrait Photography, which led him to the Swedish national team at the World Photographic Cup. In 2018 he won bronze in the European Professional Photographer of the Year competition.