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Recently, Renault together with Expressen organized a national advertising campaign for their new pickup Renault Alaskan. The campaign was designed as a photo competition and 3 photographers from Sweden were chosen to compete against each other. The task was to make their own interpretation of the pickup. The purpose of the campaign was to show that even photography is a craftsmanship and a pickup can be used by more professional groups than traditional craftsmen.

I was one of the three photographers who were selected and we all got a working day on us to photograph the pictures. When the images were ready, a public vote was held but also a jury at Renault would have a vote. I am happy and thankful that I won both the public vote and also received the jury’s vote. The price in addition to the honor was to borrow a Renault Alaskan for two years.

Andreas Varro has clearly transformed a vision into a well-framed image that, in an extremely innovative way, visualizes how Renault Alaskan is a car for both city and country. He shows how photography is a craft both “on location” but also in the processing stage. He has caught the angle of the car very well, the car’s design comes true to Varro’s picture. The mirror-blue water in the background creates a calm in the picture, as a contrast to the excessively large logs that lie on the carpet of the car and the building cranes that shine about a febrile activity in the other part of the image.

The Express sent with a film team to document the process.
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