Condom Challenge – personal photographic project

Humor and art have always been a thing for me, trying to combine these to grab people’s attention and making them laugh is what makes me love my job. My name is Andreas Varro and I’m a commercial photographer and digital artist and this is one of my personal photography projectsHave you missed the viral thing calledCondom Challenge? It’s a challenge where you’re supposed to drop a condom filled with water on people’s head and make it stay there. Why? Because you can! I decided to do a humor art project based on this challenge, here’s the end result. If you found this just slightly funny, please share that joy with your friends! If you want to see behind the scenes from the project, Opt-In further down.

Edit: The first week from release date this project received over 3000 shares and over 50 online magazines from all over the world (China, USA, UK, Russia, Europe) published the images and wrote about the project, amongst magazines big names like Fstoppers and DigitalRev have published the project.

condom-challange-photographic-project-andreas-varro-3 condom-challange-photographic-project-andreas-varro-11 condom-challange-photographic-project-andreas-varro-10 condom-challange-photographic-project-andreas-varro-9 condom-challange-photographic-project-andreas-varro-6 condom-challange-photographic-project-andreas-varro-7 condom-challange-photographic-project-andreas-varro-8 condom-challange-photographic-project-andreas-varro-5 condom-challange-photographic-project-andreas-varro-4 condom-challange-photographic-project-andreas-varro-1 condom-challange-photographic-project-andreas-varro-2