Varro wins photo contest hosted by Renault

Recently, Renault together with Expressen organized a national advertising campaign for their new pickup Renault Alaskan. The campaign was designed as a photo competition and 3 photographers from Sweden were chosen to compete against each other. The task was to make their own interpretation of the pickup. The purpose of the campaign was to show that even photography is a craftsmanship and a pickup can be used by more professional groups than traditional craftsmen. Read more

Varro wins Brons i European Professional Photographer of the Year 2018

Recently a jury selected two sets of images to the finals in the Europan Professional Photographer of the Year competition, a major European competition for photographers. My images was selected in the the Commercial and Digital Illustration categories. I recieved bronze place in the Commercial category, which I am super proud of cause it’s the first year I compete in this competition. The Digital Illustration categori did not really work as I thought, I got high scores for 2 of my pictures but the third picture dropped the score unfortunately. But I am relly happy with the brons. Read more

Varro recieves Image of the Year award

Image of The Year award

Recently the Swedish Championship in Portrait Photography was held where photographers could compete individually in 8 different categories. I competed in the Digital Illustration category and my image “Forever Online” received the highest point in the category. So I was awarded with “Image of The Year Award”. My contribution received the second highest score in the competition, 98 out of 100 possible.

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Varro in the World Photograhic Cup finals + Nation Award Winner

Last year I was selected by a Swedish jury to represent Sweden in the World Photographic Cup (world championships). Today it was revealed that both of my contributions are in the finals which is absolutely amazing! Of a total of 500 images in absolute world class were first selected, now we are 60 photographers who are in the finals. Forever Online is in the Digital Illustration and Shortcut  in the Commercial category. Read more

Forever Online – Satire about Online Society

Modern technology has changed our lives dramatically, sometimes I might overreact but the way smartphones and social media have changed us makes me a little scared. We talk less with each other and many of us spend more time online than in the real world. Call me retrogressive but I’m not sure I like that progress.

Looking forward, I believe this is one of the biggest challenges we have in today’s society. I believe that this is a problem that needs more attention so I created this artwork Forever Online.

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Shortcut – Social Satire Photo Project about Shortsightedness

It seems that man today is willing to stop at nothing, trying to take shortcuts to reach personal goals and “success”. Everything today needs to go faster, be cheaper, made with minimal effort with the expectation of high results. What happened to long-term thinking? What happened to working hard? I wanted to create an image that conveys the short-sightedness and greed of this mentality. Paradoxically, the image has taken almost 6 months from idea to finished image.

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