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About Varro

About photographer Andreas Varro

The disability that became my super power

As far as I can remember, I’ve had considerable difficulty in expressing myself vocally. As a child I was petrified every time I had to engage and talk to someone I didn’t already know. I was fundamentally an introvert, consistently withdrawn from any social and communal contexts and mostly alone. I looked up to those who had the gift of speech, but later realised that I was the one with the gift. While other people talked or waited for their turn to talk, i had the time to analyze the world around me which made ma a great storyteller.

This eventually brought me to the world of photography, the camera and viewfinder became a bridge between me and the outside world. Where I had previously felt hampered by my introversion, where I felt limited by speech and social conduct, I found my newfound outlet liberating and expressive in a way I had never known before. I bare my soul and my life in my work every day I create, whether it’s commercial work or personal, because I know no other form of expression that allows me to do so. Few things make me feel as alive as telling stories.

Why I do this

My vision is to influence people, to reach out and touch their hearts and minds. Few things are as rewarding as witnessing the reactions of my audience. Their pupils dilating, their breath quickening, their faces flushing. There is a great and substantial power in images, particularly those that tell stories. It affects people in a fundamental way that most people struggle to even describe in words, let alone explain. In my commercial work the focus is on helping other people, usually entrepreneurs, to get the attention that they deserve. I love seeing other people excelling at what they do, particularly if I can help get them there.

In my art and my personal work, it becomes more about portraying different social situations in the form of satire and social commentary. I like to shine a light on elements of our everyday lives and provide my own commentary on it – the negative aspects of our present-day society that we have the capacity and obligation to substantially change to lead, in my own humble opinion, a far better and more sustainable lives.

While it may be considered indicative of an overwhelmingly pessimistic worldview, my purpose is to pull back the curtain of denial and clearly and objectively illustrate the negative in order to be able to improve our world. It is my absolute conviction that it takes an unflinching insight into the deepest, darkest sides of humanity to provoke such change. I love progress – to wake up every day to a better world and face a better version of myself in the mirror is a goal in and of itself. We owe it to ourselves and we owe it to all of those who have gone before us, who dreamed big and brought us the world that it is today, to try with all our might to improve it in any way we can.

What my customers say about working with me

Working with Andreas is like going to a 3-star luxury restaurant in Guide Michelin. One feels safe and taken care of.

He has also managed to deliver the feeling and initial thought that we wanted to convey in the image in the first attempt. There is only one word WORLD CLASS!

Roger Hjälm - Owner of Katrinelund Gästgiveri och Sjökrog

Varro engages and asks constructive questions to understand what the customer wants to achieve and convey with the image.

He has the ability to transform thoughts into reality with magic finesse and make permanent impressions with the viewer.

Torbjörn Nilsson - Owner and CEO Sebbot Invest AB

Let me tell your story and attract more business!

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