About Andreas Varro

Creating images is far beyond a job for me, it’s an idea I thought thousands if not hundreds of thousands of times. In addition to the image itself, which is my tool, this idea is about helping you on your journey towards your visions. Part of this idea is to connect with you, give support, inspiration and help you create momentum ahead. If you think it sounds odd? Don’t worry all you need to know that the most important thing for me is that you get closer to your goals using the pictures I create for you, which you will do.

Customers and brands

A selection of brands which I have worked with.

About the images

Characteristic of my images is that they they make people stop, they awakes feelings and makes an impression. Every time I create a picture I reinvent the wheel, each image has its own life and world. When it comes to my personal projects I want to convey various problems I see in everyday life and I convey it in the form of satire. As for my commercial images I find clever ideas related to products and services, either I find the ideas myself or together with my customers.

How the images are made

Those images that people remembers are images that relies on smart and thoughtful ideas and that’s always where my creation begins. With my creativity I create great stories that links idéas together with products, services or people. I always think freely and do not limit myself to what is physically possible, that’s when the best ideas comes. I find solution to how to make my stories into a physcal image, so I adapt my working methods to the ideas I have, not the contrary. Some of my tools are my camera equipment and my computer where which I use to put several images together to create a story. Besides me I often have a professional stylist who helps me with models, props, clothes and makeup.

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