During 2020 all my social satire artworks will be moved to my new page andreasvarro.com, on this page you will only find commercial and advertising images.

Internationally awarded and published photographer. Swedish Champion, World Champion Bronze Medalist

Andreas Varro

Photographic Storyteller

Images that engages and grabs peoples attention

What do you want too say with images? Everything is possible to visualize.

Stories are something that are deeply rooted in us. You know the feeling when someone start telling a good story and everyone start starts to listen intensely. Why is that? Maybe it’s because we all like to be entertained or a desire to become wiser

Storytelling and sharing stories is one of the oldest and most universally human experiences we have. No matter who you are or where you’re from, we all share a love of stories and storytelling.

My job is to tell stories, sometimes stories given to me by others, sometimes I make them up and connect them to a brand. The way I approach my work, my core belief is that nothing is impossible to tell and visualize. That's what I call "Impossible Images".

What story do you want to tell?

Varför anlita mig istället för någon annan?

I must confess I’ve never seen myself as a photographer, even if that's what I call myself. A photographer’s job is creation firmly rooted in tradition, and I’d say that little, if anything I do creatively is traditional. This way the story I tell about your brand will be totally unique.

There are those who can come up with the grand ideas, those who are great at retouching, those who are great at photography and the nitty-gritty, and there are those who tell great stories – but only a selected few can do it all, much less excel at it.

I have dedicated my life and my career to mastering each of these fields to be able to bring you the best stories and the best images you could ever ask for.

That's why you should hire me.

Social Satire Art

Art is are something I hold close to my heart. Few things give my life such meaning and sense of purpose as art. I frequently work with personal projects, not only to provide that sense of purpose and fulfilment, but to practice my craft and stay on top.

I’m currently working with a longer series of interconnected images where I reflect on different elements and things I see occurring in our daily lives and society that I think we could and probably should improve upon.

For example, how technology changes our behaviour for better and for worse, or how the gradual shift in the mass-media marketed perception of our bodies may have taken just a few steps too far.

Take a look in my portfolio to see more of these images.

Internationally awarded

I am so proud that in recent years, I have received both national and international awards for my commercial and personal work.

I am, among other things, Swedish Champion in Photography 2018 with gold medals in a total of 3 different categories. I also have a bronze medal I received in Sydney in the World Championship (WPC). Another one I'm particularly proud of is the European Professional Photographer of the Year, where I received a bronze medal in Dublin 2018. You can see all my awards here.

What my customers say about working with me

Working with Andreas is like going to a 3-star luxury restaurant in Guide Michelin. One feels safe and taken care of.

He has also managed to deliver the feeling and initial thought that we wanted to convey in the image in the first attempt. There is only one word WORLD CLASS!

Roger Hjälm - Owner of Katrinelund Gästgiveri och Sjökrog

Varro engages and asks constructive questions to understand what the customer wants to achieve and convey with the image.

He has the ability to transform thoughts into reality with magic finesse and make permanent impressions with the viewer.

Torbjörn Nilsson - Owner and CEO Sebbot Invest AB

Let me tell your story and attract more business!

Let me help you tell the story of your business through imagery that will make your customers gasp! Contact me so that we can discuss how to make your images stand out, a cut above the rest!

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