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Varro recieves Image of the Year award

Image of The Year award Recently the Swedish Championship in Portrait Photography was held where photographers could compete individually in 8 different categories. I competed in the Digital Illustration category and my image ”Forever Online” received the highest point in the category. So I was awarded with ”Image of The Year Award”. My contribution received […]

Forever Online – Samhällssatir Om Sociala Medier

Den moderna teknologin har förändrat våra liv dramatiskt. Ibland överreagerar jag kanske men såsom smarttelefoner och sociala medier har ändrat våra skrämmer mig en aning. Vi pratar mindre med varandra och spenderar mer tid i den digitala världen än i verkliga livet. Kalla mig bakåtsträvare men jag är osäker om det är särskilt bra utveckling. När […]

Forever Online – Satire about Online Society

Modern technology has changed our lives dramatically, sometimes I might overreact but the way smartphones and social media have changed us makes me a little scared. We talk less with each other and many of us spend more time online than in the real world. Call me retrogressive but I’m not sure I like that […]

Shortcut – Social Satire Photo Project about Shortsightedness

It seems that man today is willing to stop at nothing, trying to take shortcuts to reach personal goals and ”success”. Everything today needs to go faster, be cheaper, made with minimal effort with the expectation of high results. What happened to long-term thinking? What happened to working hard? I wanted to create an image that conveys the short-sightedness and […]

Shortcut – Samhällssatirisk Fotoprojekt om Kortsiktighet

Det verkar som att människan idag är villig att gå över lik och ta genvägar för att nå sina mål och sin yttre framgång. Allt idag ska gå snabbare, vara billigare och det ska helst vara bättre med en minimal ansträngning. Vad hände med långsiktigheten? Vad hände med det hårda arbetet?  Jag ville skapa en bild som […]

Unbelievable underwater restaurant image

I recently had the opportunity to create an advertising image for one of Sweden’s most exclusive restaurants Katrinelund Gästgiveri & Sjökrog, which I will refer to as ”Sjökrogen” from now on. The name basically means ”Lake restaurant” in Swedish, which is important to know for this image.  The mission: CONVEY that “You can’t get any closer to nature […]

Condom Challenge – personal photographic project

Humor and art have always been a thing for me, trying to combine these to grab people’s attention and making them laugh is what makes me love my job. My name is Andreas Varro and I’m a commercial photographer and digital artist and this is one of my personal photography projects. Have you missed the viral thing calledCondom Challenge? It’s a challenge […]