How we work

No matter how you use images, they are all about communicating a feeling. For your brand to reach to it's fullest potential you need not only good, but great images. With the right feeling your brand will differentiate from others and your marketing efforts will reach out. You can position your brand where you want you want it to be when it comes to segment, level and pricing.

Today nobody copes with reading long and heavy texts, diagrams and tables - no matter how good your product is. On the other hand, creative and well produced images can make you reach your goal of getting more exposure and attention.

What we do

Advertising photography
We produce advertising images which market your brand, lifestyle, concept, ideas and different feelings rather then specific products.
Commercial photography
Commercial photos are more specific, for example products, buildings, interiors, models, merchandise etc.
Creative portrait photography
We produce portraits of all kinds and use advanced retouching to create a creative look and feeling to the images. We photograph both studio and location of course.

How we do it

Brainstorm idéas
We can help you brainstorm and find smart, funny and effective idéas for your advertising or portrait images.
Sketches and mood boards
We create sketches and mood boards so that you get a good idea how the end result will look like.
Location scouting
Before we start producing the images we always scout location of photography to be sure to find the perfect location for your images.
Model casting
We cast models for the photo shoot. Depending on your budget we use either professional models via model agencies, semi-professional models or "regular" people for your images.
Make-up, styling and scenograpy
We always use professional make-up artist in production. We also obtain clothes for the models with to match the message/style you want to convey. We also offer styling of photo locations with props to get the right feeling.
We offer both studio and location photography depending on your needs and character of the image. We also have portable studio gear so that we can get professional studio lighting everywhere.
Retouching and composite images
With many years of experience in photoshop we offer advanced retouching and composite imaging. This way we can combine different images in one image to convey your message.
We deliver images in both digital format and print. We adjust the images depending on your needs.

Who we work with

We work with everything from small to global businesses. The size of your company is not whats important to us, it's what you want to accomplish. We want to work with positive people that wants change.
Advertising Agencies
We have long experience with working with advertising agencies. You might want help in the brainstorming process in the startup process or you might have a finished idea that you want us to produce for you, no problem!
Organisations and authorities
We also work with organisations and authorities of different kinds. We are used to work with marketers and communicators.
Web Agencies
Are you representing a web agencie and need images for your customers? We can help you!

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